Things to do before moving abroad


It’s about that time that all of us Auxiliars are thinking about our move abroad. With only about 4 months to go it’s time to start preparing ourselves. By now many applicants have their region and school assignments and there are others who are very impatiently waiting and calculating when we SHOULD be getting our assignments. I am one such person. That quote that goes “patience is a virtue…” yeah…crap. I can’t stand the wait any longer. I really wish I had heard about this program sooner. Nonetheless, no matter where I am placed I will just be grateful that I’m given the opportunity. When the time comes.. Anyway, now is the time (whether you have your placement or not) to get everything ready for your move abroad. If you’re like me and have no interest in coming back you should find this post extra helpful. Let’s get started!


First things first. Get your documents together ASAP! If you read my last post about my disorganized and chaotic adventure of getting my last visa you’ll understand why I am getting ready for my visa now! Remember that  a few things i.e. your background check and physical can not be more than 90 days old before your visa appointment. For example, I am planning on the earliest to have my visa appointment the last week of July- the first or second week of August. Meaning I can not request my background check or get my physical done until the last week of May at the very earliest. You can still get your documents prepped however so that when the time comes you can get those things done. Now for the background check keep in mind that it needs processing so I plan on mailing my background check early next week so that by the time I get it back it’ll be within the 90 days. Remember to get it verified by the Apostle of the Hague. Which I explained in the last post.

For the Spanish consulate in Chicago you need the visa application correctly filled out, original passport and ID (plus a photocopy of both), one recent passport sized photo (last time I got this done they give you two so just bring both), original acceptance letter (your carta de nombramiento), your planned trip itinerary print out, your background check which has been legalized with the Apostle of the Hague, your medical certificate (I am getting this done at my local CVS for $80), a self-addressed express mail USPS envelope, and last but not least a money order of $160 (this is the price at the time this post was written). If you are looking online for the price of your visa, look at the student visa price! The website also says “please, be advised that additional requirements may be requested.” The last time I did this they didn’t need anything extra. The whole process takes about 30 minutes and is painless. If you can speak Spanish that’s a plus! This my friends is the most crucial part in preparing for your trip (or move in my case) abroad. Read more for more steps.

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