I’m moving to Burgos!

Today I finally got my school placement for the Language and Culture program through the Spanish government. I had originally picked Castilla y León (CyL) but I ended up changing it two times after submitting my application. About 3 weeks ago I very timidly asked the regional coordinators if I could be switched back to CyL and hearing how unhelpful the Spanish government can sometimes be I figured it was a long shot. I guess I caught them on a good day!


It’s very strange actually because about two weeks ago I just happened to see a picture of the cathedral of Burgos and I fell in love. It looked like such a picturesque city with an impressive population and historic background. It’s also on the path of the Camino de Santiago which I hope I can conquer one day…. Ojala. So I am ecstatic that I got placed here.

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