I’m moving to Burgos!

Today I finally got my school placement for the Language and Culture program through the Spanish government. I had originally picked Castilla y León (CyL) but I ended up changing it two times after submitting my application. About 3 weeks ago I very timidly asked the regional coordinators if I could be switched back to CyL and hearing how unhelpful the Spanish government can sometimes be I figured it was a long shot. I guess I caught them on a good day!


It’s very strange actually because about two weeks ago I just happened to see a picture of the cathedral of Burgos and I fell in love. It looked like such a picturesque city with an impressive population and historic background. It’s also on the path of the Camino de Santiago which I hope I can conquer one day…. Ojala. So I am ecstatic that I got placed here.

El Cid, the Spanish nobleman and fierce military leader, was born a few miles north of Burgos and is recognized as a national hero battling the kingdoms of León and Galicia to expand the lands of Castille. He’s also known for battling the moors to enlarge Christian territory in Spain.


Burgos is also home to one of the worlds most impressive Gothic style cathedrals in the world. In 1984 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it draws thousands of visitors every year. Construction started in the year 1221 and wasn’t finished until 1567! can you imaging building something that not even your great-great-great grandchildren would see! This cathedral also serves as the resting place for El Cid and his wife.


Spain knows what it’s doing when it comes to food. Especially in Burgos. In 2013 the city of Burgos was the Gastronomic Capital of Spain and for good reason. With foods like queso de burgos, morcilla (blood sausage), and ribera del duero (a full-bodied Spanish wine) you can see why this city was featured. Trying morcilla will be a challenge. Maybe I’ll pretend I’m El Cid and feel ¨macho¨ or something…


I can’t wait to share more of my upcoming trip to Spain. I am excited to move to Burgos but I look forward to living in Madrid for the month of September. Hope to see some of you there!

Hasta pronto!


Disclaimer: All images were used with permission by their owners on Flickr since I am not in Spain yet


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