Jamón Ibérico

If there are two food items that Spain is known for it’s la tortilla and jamón both I’ve had just about everyday since I arrived. I like food…okay? So this beautiful masterpiece of food is like Italian prosciutto’s bad ass cousin.

jamón vs prosciutto showdown:

jamonitalian proscuitto

They look almost identical but no, the differences are much more complex. First of all the similarities since yes there are a few.  Both are dry cured meaning they are hung upside down for a period of months. They also use salt as part of the drying process. This is basically “cooking” the meat just like you’d make any type of a jerky. Now for the differences. Jamon is dried longer (up to 5 years) making the meat juicier and silkier than prosciutto and a richer more intense flavor.

It’s amazing (unless you’re a vegan/vegetarian) and you’ll undoubtedly encounter it while tapeando in Spain or by stopping in one of the many jamón  shops. Museo del Jamón and the stands in Mercado de San Miguel are some of the favorite shops but mine is the Jamoneria chain from Enrique Tomas. You can find them all over Madrid and they have sandwiches you can take to go!

Wall of jamon

Wall of delicious delight
Perfection on a plate

Let me know if you share the same love for this amazing treat!

Hasta luego!


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