American stuffing is one of the first things that I load my dinner plate with on Thanksgiving. Something about crusty bread with sausage and garlic really gets me going so when I heard about the dish called migas I was excited to try it. Migas is basically stuffing on crack. It’s a mixture of olive oil, garlic, chorizo and pancetta, and bread. Shepherds and wanderers of this region utilized this dish a lot since it was easy to carry/whip up on the country side. “Pan y vino para caminar el camino” is a phrase that Castilla la Mancha native chef Javier Muñoz uses to describe the use of this amazing dish.


I’ve seen it being made on “Spain on the Road Again” and it looks very easy to make so it’s a recipe I’m definitely going to make again and again. You start out with some good olive oil and you saute some garlic until slightly golden. Then you add chorizo and pancetta until slightly crispy and chunks of “day old bread” until all is golden brown. Grapes and roasted peppers are typical toppings for migas and they are a perfect balance to the saltiness of the meat.


You can’t really ask much more from bread. If you give it chorizo it responds in the most delicious way. You’ll need plenty of vino to wash this bread dish down but who’s to complain about that?


Try making this dish yourself since it’s so easy and let me know how it turned out!

Hasta pronto!


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