Chocolate con churros

I’m obsessed with chocolate but what girl isn’t? So when I heard that Spain has a special treat called chocolate con churros I was so game to try it. Now I eat usually pretty healthy so to think that some people have this for breakfast most days a week really surprised me.  I definitely could not do it as often as some Spaniards but on a Saturday or Sunday morning (or late late Saturday night) the grease and rich chocolate are definitely worth it.

san gines outside

If you’ve never had a churro think of it like a funnel cake you’ve had at the fair (I know you’ve at least had a funnel cake) except thicker batter and long pieces instead of the swirls. Located around tourist center Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol,  you can find the number one hot spot in Madrid for chocolate con churros, San Gines. When they do it at San Gines it comes out like a giant spiral and they just take scissors to cut them into pieces about 9 inches long.

churro spiral

You just tell them how many you want, grab a seat, and wait for the waiter to come grab your ticket. If you choose the indoor seating option take a look at their walls. You’ll see countless celebrities, previous presidents and royalty, and other iconic people from all over the world dining at that same spot. This place really is that famous. Or you can sit on the terrace outside if it’s a nice day!


Now that you’ve received your churros it’s time to “dunk in.” The whole point of churros is to dunk them in your pudding like hot chocolate. The texture of the churros are crunchy on the outside but so fluffy and soft on the inside and the chocolate is like a rich medium-dark chocolate that’s perfectly warmed. The sensation of eating churros con chocolate is so satisfying that my mouth is watering just typing about it.

san-gineschurro lady

There are so many cafes around Madrid where you can get your hands on a plate of this deliciousness and if you don’t like chocolate for some reason you can order your churrros with a cup of coffee. It definitely should be on your list at least once to try and paying a visit to the holy shrine of San Gines would be ideal!

Hasta pronto!


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