Huevos rotos

First of all who doesn’t love french fries. In the USA they are basically part of our diet, their own food group, even crazier there are restaurants solely dedicated to these slender spuds.

In Europe however, they do french fries better. And in Spain they do them exceptionally well. They come thick, perfectly fried and golden brown, and fluffy on the inside. You can find said potato accompanying a cut of meat like steak, bulls tail, or chuletas. But the best way to eat them? As a tapa or ración as huevos rotos.


Huevos rotos, literally meaning broken eggs, is a typical dish that you’ll find in Spain. Most bars have it out on display for you to see and it takes them only a few minutes to prepare. This is by far my favorite tapa here… far.  I’ve only had it in Madrid but I’m sure it’s just as decadent anywhere else in the country. It combines perfect french fries, bits of jamón or chorizo, and an egg on top that’s broken just as it arrives to your table.

So far I’ve only had it in Madrid and it’s popular at hot spots like El Petisqueria, Casa Lucio, and Juana La Loca Pintxos Bar. The dish is usually pretty cheap for raciónes coming at around 3-12€ depending on the size of the ración and location. There are of course different variations of huevos rotos. Some come with crisps or chips instead of fries and the meat can vary. Some come with full links of sausages cut up on top. But the crispy bits of seared chorizo or jamon is my favorite way to eat this one.

Let me know your favorite bar for huevos rotos!!

Hasta luego!


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