Morcilla de Burgos

Spain has got a lot of interesting and challenging foods and morcilla is definitely on the top of the list. Made from blood, rice, and spices in a casing of intestines, it’ll challenge your taste buds but if you’re like me and will try anything, this one is a good one I promise. Especially if you’re in Burgos. Morcilla hails from this province and many places still do the process by hand so the variety here is very special.

Morcilla Burgos

According to   the word morcilla comes from the languages Castillian, Basque, and Celtic that all basically mean stump, shapeless object, and/or bulky. If you ever see it hanging in shops or bars around Burgos, you’ll put two and two together. They kind of do look like stumps but they are so tasty. You know that uber famous quote”don’t judge a book by it’s cover” well what it should actually be is “don’t judge a delicious sausage by it’s shape.” Quick trademark it…

Morcilla de burgos

(I mean..this one came with fries. Mouth watering)

If you want to try morcilla but you’re a bit hesitant, you can try it in croquetas or in my personal favorite la tortilla. In the district of Gamonal there is a restaurant called Don Jamon and they do a fantastic tortilla de morcilla. If I remember correctly the cost of a racion de tortilla de morcilla y cafe con leche was about 4 Euros. Pretty reasonable price for a good size portion of the omelette and coffee.


I promise this isn’t as scary as it sounds so let me know if you tough it out and try this special treat!

Hasta luego


4 thoughts on “Morcilla de Burgos

  1. This is similar to the ‘black pudding’ we have in Northern Ireland. It is essential to one of our traditional dishes, the ‘Ulster Fry’.

    I have not always been a fan, but one I had recently was so superb that I may be sold on it!


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