Bodega Verum

When you think of Spanish wine what regions come to mind? Probably Ribera del DueroLa Rioja, maybe wines from the region of Galicia? Well, if you haven’t tried wines from the region of Castilla La Mancha you should. I think the wines from this region easily compete and maybe even surpass some of its contenders from the north. Now, I’m even specifically asking for wine from Castilla La Mancha (CLM for short) when I’m at my local bars here in Burgos. Last weekend I went to a city in CLM in the province of Ciudad Real called Tomelloso. Tomelloso is said to be in the heart of the sea of vineyards and it also happens to be the capital of wine in La Mancha.

I went to a bodega called Verum located within the city of Tomelloso. This bodega is family owned and goes back more than four generations. They are able to combine old traditions with new and modern technology to create an incredible selection of high quality wines. Verum specializes in brandy but they also make heavenly varieties of red wines, white wines, rosados, and sparkling wines.

The wine process starts by carefully selecting and fermenting the perfect grapes at the right time of year through a controlled process with the use of modern stills and finishing their time off in the caves. The smell of these caves when you walk smells very strong but in a good and inviting way. The temperature is cool but it is also humid which is optimal for the storage and aging of wine.


I took a guided tour through the distillery and bodega to learn more about the process and get the scoop on how your glass of vino gets from the vineyards to your table. I learned about specific temperatures, aging times, and how they store their wine. It was so fascinating and it lead me to do more research at home. It’s really a scientific process and it takes careful planning and patience to make the perfect bottle of wine.

The artisans at Verum are very proud to say that their Tempranillo Roble, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, and Airen de Hierbas are spirits of high quality which appeal to the desires and likes of demanding palates. Sounds fancy, huh? Well, Verum does everything natural. They say that without artificial support not only provides excellent environmental conditions but also represents the symbol of Bodegas y Vinedos Verum, which is the official name that means Verum wine-cellars and vineyards.

IMG_20151022_15494520151022-1075998947_resized (1)

The people at Verum are so pleasant and they are so knowledgeable about their business, the process, and products. If you ever find yourself in CLM take a little detour and head over to Tomelloso to check out this fantastic place and experience literally the best wine in the region. Trust me, I am no wine expert but this stuff is really good.

So with that salut and hasta luego!

C/ Juan Antonio Lopez Ramirez n 4                                                                                        13700 Tomelloso/Ciudad Real (ES)

T. +34 926 511 404/ 08                                                                                                               F. +34 926 515 047


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