Croquetas at Orbe

Most people have had something salty and sweet together. How about kettle corn popcorn, chocolate covered potato chips, or bacon ice cream? Maybe you don’t like that idea of combination but me, I love it. I also happen to love classic Spanish dishes. Remember my post about rabo de toro? It’s a classic Spanish entree of bull’s tail cooked for hours until tender. When I visited the city of Tomelloso in Castilla La Mancha I went to the restaurant called Orbe KitchenBar where they make croquetas made from white chocolate and yes….bull’s tail.


First, I should explain what a croqueta is. It’s a fried food roll consisting of bechamel sauce and mixed with many different things. Some popular fillings are jamon, mashed potatoes, vegetables, ground meats, cheese, and I’ve even had a nutella one. It’s served as a small snack or tapa in most bars/restaurants in Spain and they are so good! You can buy them in the frozen section of your grocery store here in Spain and fry them up at your home.

Back to Orbe KitchenBar, when I heard that they made a croqueta with rabo de toro I do have to admit I was a bit skeptical but you know me, I’m game for trying anything and I am so glad I did. It satisfied tastes like savory and sweet with textures of crunchy, and creamy which all together was fenomenal. It was the very first thing I ate in this city and easily the most memorable.


In 2014 the geniuses at Orbe presented this croqueta at the Concurso de pintxos y tapas which is a competition of the best tapas in Tomelloso and they won the first prize from the official judges and public.

IMG_20151025_154051_resized (1)

My first time at this restaurant will certainly not be my last. The guys here at Orbe are so friendly and they are very proud of the food and wine that they put on the table. This is definitely a hot spot that I’m recommending everyone to go to if they are in Castilla La Mancha. Wherever you are, this is worth the drive to!


Hasta luego!


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