My trip to Portugal was a short one. Unfortunately I only was in Lisbon for about 24 hours which is definitely not enough time to absorb everything that this incredible city has to offer. Although it was a short visit it was spectacular. Lisbon is so beautiful and the people are so friendly. It took my breath away and I know that I’ll be back.



Strategically placed next to the Rio Tejo and a stones throw away from the Atlantic, the city of Lisbon has been an important fishing and port city for centuries. This capital city has everything you’d expect from a major European city but with far less crowds and chaos. Seriously? Why don’t more people come here?


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Walking the Paseo de Espolon in Autumn

I can’t tell if this walkway is eerie or beautiful. Maybe in a dark twisted way it’s a little of both. The brightly lighted cafes on the side make it look warm and welcoming but the bizarre trees look like something that came out of a scary movie. (or Harry Potter if your’re a nerd like me)


Nevertheless, this pathway is still an important element of this city. Nestled between the Rio Arlanzon and the city center, this area gets a fair amount of traffic everyday. It connects the Arco de Santa Maria and the main theater and it’s often regarded as the “living room of Burgos” because of how many people are there.


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Baked apples in Burgos, Minnesota style

Nothing screams fall like going to your local apple orchard and picking your own apples to turn them into scrumptious treats. The landlord of my flat has his own orchard a couple kilometers outside of Burgos and he was so kind to bring my flatmate and I a crate of them! Since it’s autumn I thought this was perfect and I started to think up recipes to whip up. My personal favorite is apple crisp but for some reason that’s one thing that my grandma does so well I can’t replicate. Oh well, baked apples are easy enough right?


I like making up my own recipes the only problem is that when I come up with something spectacular I can’t seem to recreate it in the same way. This time I made sure I wrote a recipe down.

Baked apples are a staple dessert or breakfast in Minnesota. After all, it’s the Land of 10,000 lakes….and apple recipes?

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The Sunshine Bloggers Award

Thank you eleanorrosem for nominating me for this award! If you ever plan on visiting our city of Burgos be sure you check out her blog too! It´s full of amazing photos of the city.

Now I´ll be answering the questions that she has asked. Let´s get personal.

Would you rather explore the depths of the ocean or space

I think both sound terrifying but I think I´d pick the ocean. I mean, have you SEEN Armageddon?

What is your favorite aspect of blogging?

My favorite aspect of blogging is getting to explain why I am in love with Spain and to try to attract more people to visit.

little miss sunshine


Where is your next travel destination?

This weekend I am headed to Salamanca, Spain but my next outside of Spain trip will be to the Christmas markets in Munich, Germany.

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Portugal’s second largest city is surely not one to be missed. Dotted with historical buildings as far back as the 300’s BC and new modern designs, the city of Porto has something for everyone. Nestled by the Duero River, it’s one of the best regions for wine in the Iberian Peninsula and it’s famous for it’s Port. Other than wine, you can indulge (like one time because this sandwich probably has your entire weeks worth of cholesterol) in the famous sandwich called Francesinha with different kinds of meat, a few slices of cheese, and thick slices of bread all smothered in a spicy tomato sauce. Here in Porto you also get to enjoy bacalhau which is Portugal’s version of a salt cod dish (and it’s incredible). This was my favorite city out of the two that I visited in Portugal and I can’t wait to show you why.


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Farmers market in Burgos

Most people in the United States buy their produce from conventional supermarkets not knowing who grew their fruits and veggies or what part of the US they came from. Me, I love farmers markets and they are very popular where I come from. The “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” (Minnesota don’t cha know) boasts markets in almost every town and I bought most of my produce every Saturday at them. Places like these let you get to know your local farmers, you create a special bond, and it is better to help the people of your community so you should shop at your local farmers market too!




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Coolest bar in Burgos

If you like flamenco dancing and the Spanish guitar then El Patillas is where you need to be in Burgos. Named after the sideburns of the original owner, this bar certainly has an interesting atmosphere. The walls are so full of pictures of artists and memorabilia you can hardly spot a free space. It’s definitley not your place for a fancy cocktail or phenomenal pintxos but if you are looking for a place to have a cana or glass of vino grab a seat and soak up the music.

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