Coolest bar in Burgos

If you like flamenco dancing and the Spanish guitar then El Patillas is where you need to be in Burgos. Named after the sideburns of the original owner, this bar certainly has an interesting atmosphere. The walls are so full of pictures of artists and memorabilia you can hardly spot a free space. It’s definitley not your place for a fancy cocktail or phenomenal pintxos but if you are looking for a place to have a cana or glass of vino grab a seat and soak up the music.

This bar is about 50 years old and you can tell it’s an “old man bar.” Drinks are incredibly cheap and the entertainment is marvelous. Anyone can come in and ask for a guitar from behind the bar and strum away. Usually there are a couple guys who are regulars that bring out maracas and drums and sing classic hits from Andalucia, the region in the south of Spain famous for this type of music.


Most people in the bar know the words to every song that’s played and it’s so much fun to hear the whole place participate. You’re encouraged to clap, dance, and stomp your feet and it totally transforms this dark and old bar into a lively inviting place to bring your friends and have a great time. I even sang the song Volver and clapped along to every song.


There are no specific days to catch the action here at El Patillas. Just show up and hope that someone else there can play guitar so you can listen or just grab one yourself and start strumming along. I went on a Tuesday night at about 10:00pm and there were quite a few people there. Be sure to check out the walls and see if you can spot some familiar faces.


This bar is definitely my favorite chill bar in Burgos. As long as you don’t expect to eat fancy pintxos and have a high end martini at the bar I’m sure you’ll love it too. Maybe you’ll even get off your feet and try some amateur dance moves!


Let me know your favorite bar wherever you are in the world!

Hasta luego!



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