Walking the Paseo de Espolon in Autumn

I can’t tell if this walkway is eerie or beautiful. Maybe in a dark twisted way it’s a little of both. The brightly lighted cafes on the side make it look warm and welcoming but the bizarre trees look like something that came out of a scary movie. (or Harry Potter if your’re a nerd like me)


Nevertheless, this pathway is still an important element of this city. Nestled between the Rio Arlanzon and the city center, this area gets a fair amount of traffic everyday. It connects the Arco de Santa Maria and the main theater and it’s often regarded as the “living room of Burgos” because of how many people are there.


Espolón means spur or ram and it’s called Paseo de Espolón because on this walkway there is a wall (spur) that is used to keep the center dry from the river in case of flooding. The wall was built in the late 18th century and it’s filled with statues and memories of the past. IMG_20151119_110711_resized


There are dozens of cafes along this walkway so grab a cup of café con leche and watch the world go by.



In the autumn season they cut down the leaves and thin branches off the trees which gives them this eerie look. I think it’s absolutely stunning and I’ve never seen anything like it before. These trees are called “Plane Trees” (simplified version) and I see them all over the Burgos province.


These trees are also all grown together. Meaning that their branches have formed to become part of the neighboring branches.


What do you think of Paseo de Espolón?


Hasta luego!


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