Plaza Mayor Burgos

Every city in Spain has one. A common place for all the elders of the city to gossip about how the kids these days are wearing pants too tight for their own good or for those same kids to get together before going out on the town. Usually, plaza mayors (main squares) have cafes lined around it, statues, and many benches. The one here in Burgos is no exception.


If you enter the plaza under the arc next to the Auyunamiento de Burgos you are welcomed with the statue of Carlos III.


(There was going to be a demonstration later that day so I couldn’t get a                                                   good shot of this statue)

There are so many different types of bars//cafes//restaurants around the plaza but my favorite cafe/pintxo bar is Momo Plaza. The ladies (I’ve only seen ladies so if you’re a dude working here…lo siento) here make the most amazing cocktails and they have insane pintxos! Alright, confessional…I WAS going to take a picture of my goat cheese/walnut/strawberry pintxo but I ate it faster than this lady running in front of me trying to catch the bus. I promise it’s fast…Plus when it’s warmer than the less than the 10 degrees we’ve been having, they have seating outside which makes it perfect for people watching or attempting to get your tan on.


Another note worthy place to grab some grub is La Taperia del Casino. Here you can get anything from a pintxo de tortilla and other assorted masterpieces on a slice of bread to a nice sit-down menu del día type meal. IMG_20151125_16340110447753_594123804068948_7844377228132554102_n

//My personal favorite here. A pintxo with jamón, brie cheese, caramelized onions and a berry compote//

One more place to grab some foodto mention. If you love croquetas of all kinds you definitley need to get over to Creoquete. Here you can get a croqueta of almost anything. Are you craving calamares en su tinta? How about queso de cabrales? Guess what! They have both. Otherwise they have the standard jamón if you’re feeling shy. Maybe you’re craving something sweet. Well, good news for you, they have a nutella one. And it’s spectacular!


Here in this square, you can also find shops for books, shoes, and clothing. The popular store called Ale-Hop is also located in this square where you can find pretty much almost anything.


You’re sure to find something exciting to do in the Plaza Mayor de Burgos. It has just about everything that a small city like Burgos needs.


Don’t forget to look up and notice the brightly colored buildings too!


Come enjoy our lovely town square!


Hasta luego.


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