Cafe Bertiz

Cafes in Spain are on every corner. Some cater to the abuelos of the town serving only three types of coffees and then you get the cafes geared towards the more hip crowds. Cafe Bertiz in Gamonal is one of them. Cafe Bertiz is a Spanish chain and even though usually I prefer smaller family run type places this cafe is my favorite here in Gamonal.


Cafe Bertiz is located on Calle Eladio Perlado sandwiched between Calle Vitoria and Calle Arzobispo making it an easy location to get to. They have coffees, teas, pastries, sandwiches and more all throughout the day.


The number of different beverages they have at this cafe is astonishing. They have lattes, cappuccinos, espreso bomboms, café con leches, a dozen different types of teas, chocolate drinks, AND smoothies! Literally anyone can find something they will love


Other than a spectacular drink selection you can also find scrumptious sandwiches that are made in house. The bread on the sandwiches are freshly made every morning and you can have both vegetarian options as well as classic jamón y queso. They also have empanadas and the popular tortilla española as options!


Now for the main attraction of Cafe Bertiz…the baked goods. I’ve seen other stores of this chain that only offer this option but they do it well. Whatever kind of bread you can think of they have it. Shop their storefront and take home different loaves  of bread for meals, sandwich slices, buns, mini croissants, breadcrumbs, and pre sliced bread for migas((a popular Spanish dish that stems from the region of Castilla La Mancha which I wrote about previously)).


They also make killer deserts/pastries for breakfast. My personal favorite is the chocolate filled croissant and the pastel de nata that they make but everything looks so scrumptious. You can find mini versions of your favorite treats too.


Other perks to this awesome cafe are free WiFi, up to date utilities, comfortable seating like sofas, and yummy smells from the ovens.


Cafe Bertiz just opened a new location on Avenida de Cid so if you’re not in Gamonal you can take a five minute walk north of the statue to experience this amazing cafe!



What are the great coffee spots where you are from?

Hasta luego!


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