Frankfurt through photos

Frankfurt is Germany’s city of lights. When you stand on the top of the Main Tower and gaze on over the city below it looks more like you’re in Minneapolis, USA. There’s still an abundance of those quintessential German buildings and a fair share of restaurants//brewhouses serving up the classic authentic German meals and brews. I only spent about 6 hours in this lovely city known as the financial city of Europe but the charm of this bustling city was more than enough to keep me energized to keep exploring. Check out a few of my photos from my trip!


The Kaiserdom

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5 planned trips for 2016

Last year I told myself that this would be the year that I did some serious traveling. Turns out I’d be on the right path. Knowing that I wanted to move to Spain by the end of 2015 I put myself into serious focus mode and worked my ass off to make sure that I’d accomplish that. Well my amigos I am very happy to say that I made it! I’m writing to you from my new home and I’m staying another year

Not only did I manage to finally move to Spain (a dream I’ve had since I was 13) but I also managed to travel to Canada, Portugal, and Germany. That may not sound like many places to you but from the small town of Waseca, Minnesota, visiting three new countries felt so amazing. Now it’s 2016 and I’m setting a bigger goal for myself. Traveling to five more countries. Below I’ll tell you which ones I’m planning on heading to this year and why.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

I want to take my travel blogging seriously so I signed myself up for a TBEX- Travel Blogging Exchange conference in July. I am so thrilled to head to Stockholm because I have a few friends from there so after the conference I’ll have locals who know the city better than a guide book could tell me.


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Why you should study a language in Spain

About a month and a half ago I got the offer to write an article for Go Abroad. It’s a rad website where you can read hundreds of articles about studying, traveling, working, or interning abroad. Before moving to Spain I remember reading many articles on that website from people who moved here before me so I could grasp an idea of what it’ll be like. I strongly recommend anyone who plans on traveling abroad to check out their website.

I’d like to share my article that I wrote for them about why you should study a language in Spain. Here’s a link to the original and from there you can explore the hundreds of other articles this helpful website has to offer! So, grab a copa de vino and follow along.

Imagine sipping a glass of sangria at a 16th century square while watching families wander about during their evening stroll. Think about sitting on the coast of the Atlantic or Mediterranean Sea chowing down on fresh seafood while soaking up the gorgeous sunshine. Consider what it would be like to see ancient ruins from 3000 B.C. alongside state of the art buildings. During any language program In Spain, you’ll be able to do all this and so much more. Let’s not forget to mention that Spain boasts a number of world class restaurants, bars, and nightclubs too. Begin your language study abroad in the land of bulls, siesta, and sangria, and you’ll surely have fun every step of the way.

crystal palace

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Marburg, Germany through pictures

After visiting the big cities of Colonge, Dusseldorf, Berlin, and Frankfurt my friends let me stay with them in Marburg. Marburg is a university town with a lot of diversity, a beautiful castle, and typical German style buildings. It’s located about an hour north of Frankfurt and it is very easy to travel to by train.

Here are a few photos of my three days there.


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10 best things I ate in 2015

Anyone who knows me knows that I love food. I love cooking food, eating food, looking at food, thinking about food……

Okay you get the picture.

I also love writing about food and here in Spain there are some prime opportunities for writing about it. The gastronomy here is insane and there are plenty of Michelin star restaurants and delicious dishes to prove it. I’m going to break down 10 of the best things that I’ve chowed down on this past year. Some are from Spain, some hail from Portugal, and an honorable mention from the USA is even on here.

These are also in no particular order. I love them all the same (insert heart emoji here..)

#1. Churros con chocolate- San Gines, Madrid

Did I say no particular order? I lied. The churros con chocolate at San Gines near the Plaza Mayor in Madrid is my absolute favorite thing I had in 2015. I could just be saying that because I haven’t had them in 2 months and I’m craving them but who cares! They are a mix of crunchy and chewy and when they are dunked in the dark chocolate warm pudding like sauce they are so good you’ll have dreams about them. SO GOOD! (yes capital letters were/are necessary)

san gines outside

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