Frankfurt through photos

Frankfurt is Germany’s city of lights. When you stand on the top of the Main Tower and gaze on over the city below it looks more like you’re in Minneapolis, USA. There’s still an abundance of those quintessential German buildings and a fair share of restaurants//brewhouses serving up the classic authentic German meals and brews. I only spent about 6 hours in this lovely city known as the financial city of Europe but the charm of this bustling city was more than enough to keep me energized to keep exploring. Check out a few of my photos from my trip!


The Kaiserdom

Iron bridge

The Iron Bridge (honestly I didn’t really understand why it was so special but I saw a lot of people take pictures of this so it must mean something important)

Skyline behing buildingsLove locks

Locks of love on bridges is a really big thing in Germany

German arquitecture

I couldn’t get enough of the cool German architecture

Fresco house

These two houses have painted tiles and they look so pretty

Town Hall

Frankfurt town hall. My friends told me that when Germany wins a big futbol/soccer match the teams gathers on the balcony of this town hall to celebrate with the fans.

City Square 2

The main square in Frankfurt’s old town

City square

This incredible structure is next to Germany’s original parliament


I forgot who this guy is actually….lo siento 


Same building from before. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Inside old parliament

Inside the former parliament turned church there’s a 360 degree mural

original parliament

The parliament turned church from the outside

Tallest Building

Frankfurt’s tallest building. We tried passing as bank workers so we could get to the top but with my white converse and torn jeans…it didn’t work too well


This view reminds me of the skyscrapers back home

Opera House

The opera house of Frankfurt

Nordsee fish

THE best fish you’ll ever eat in Germany. From Nordsee

That’s all the pictures I took of Frankfurt. We didn’t really have much time to see absolutely everything but it was a great trip!

Have you been to Frankfurt? How did you like it?

Hasta luego!


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