How to vote for the Democratic Primary in Spain

Ahhh voting season. I’ve got to admit that I am so happy to be in Spain so I don’t have to see those horrendous presidential campaign advertisements. I kind of want to see a Donald Trump one so I can get a good laugh. Well the Democratic Primary is coming up and we’ve got to vote before March 8th! Whether you are “feeling the Bern,” or you think “Hilary for America,” or maybe you want to “Rebuild the American Dream,” you have your chance to make your voice heard and send out a ballot to support your favorite nominee.



I chose to send my primary election using the system provided by Democratics Abroad. Their program is so easy to follow and they have all the candidates’ information right on the webpage so you can do a little research if you’re not sure about where they stand on certain issues as well as links to their own websites. Also, Democratics Abroad have information on the priorites of Democratics Abroad like where they stand on taxation, diversity, and voting. Personally I think they could have added more information but that’s not the main point of this’s the voting.

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Masala Naturals-A cooking class

I’ve already expressed my love for food and cooking right?….and that I love vegetarian cooking, organic food shopping, and the uber delicious vegan restaurant “Gaia”located here in Burgos?? Good just making sure. So when I heard that Masala, an organic//natural food shop, was hosting the chefs at Gaia for a cooking class I HAD to go.



You can check out my post about what Masala is all about here but for now let’s talk about the classes they offer. A couple times a month the lovely people at Masala put on courses and classes to educate people on how to live a more holistic and healthy life. There are vegetarian cooking classes, classes about how to balance your internal organs in a more healthy way, talks about education, how to make organic reusable products, and even henna tattooing to name a few.

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Romantic Spanish villages

My dream is to live in a romantic Spanish pueblo where I can live a simple life, grow my own produce, have red flower pots hanging from the outside of my house, make my own cheese and cured meats oh….and own a horse. Is that too much to ask? Maybe now isn’t the time to mention I’d also like a tall dark and handsome Spanish hunk who can throw a fishing line back and play the guitar…well at least it’s out there.

Sure Spain’s got some incredible cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia but how about the small towns that go relatively unnoticed? They  have ((most of the time)) more charm, friendlier people, and pretty awesome traditions. Traditions like homemade products like cheese, bread, soap etc..siesta, and family bonds are things that attracted me to Spain in the first place. I want to make my way around these next few villages in my lifetime here to show everyone back home that there is much more to Spain besides uber famous football teams, Ibiza and other tourist beaches, and the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

Here are a few villages that I have my eyes on. I tried to get at least one picturesque village from every inland province. Maybe it’ll inspire you to go find the not-so-well-known areas of where you live.

Frigilina, Andalucia ((Photo from Bored Fast Food))

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10 thoughts while in a Spanish bathroom

We all know that there can be some changes in your daily routine while you are traveling to/in a different country. Spain is obviously not a third-world country but let’s be honest….sometimes it can have annoying little problems making you a little frustrated ((not only in Spain I might add. I’ve had similar problems in Portugal, Germany, and even back home)). Now even though all these “problems” are easily fixable and to some they aren’t even problems..and I should stop complaining because there are places that don’t even have toilets…..I thought I’d share 10 thoughts that I have while taking care of business here in Spain. Warning ahead for those who don’t like swearing because I’m dropping a few bombs here.

1. Where’s the light switch?

2. Who actually thought it was a good idea to put the light switch outside the bathroom?

3. Is that water on the seat or ….pee?

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The charming old center of Oviedo

Do you remember that scene in Vicky Christina Barcelona where they take a weekend trip to Oviedo? It looks so charming in the film and I have wanted to visit this city ever since seeing it for the first time. I only had a few hours in Oviedo because I had to catch a bus to a different city in Asturias but I made sure I toured the old center before I left.

Here are a few photos of my visit to the center of this city!


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Algo bueno week 2

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! I hope your day is filled with love for you and whoever you choose to spend your day with. I have a hot date with some hot cola-cao (a Spanish version of Nesquick), cleaning supplies to clean my flat, and Netflix . Sounds super romantic I know. #singlelife


Well recently I took a trip to Galicia Spain. A region in the northwestern part of Spain known for being green, bagpipes, and a RIDICULOUS amount of rain. Now you would think that non-stop rain from winter to early summer would make people ornery, bitter, and a little cold but that was not the case at all!

Traditional music from Galicia 

The people in Galicia are so incredibly nice and willing to help anyone that needs it. My friends and I would be walking with a map and strangers would approach us asking things like “where do you want to go,” saying “I/we can take you there,” and giving us tips on where to eat and visit. One guy even told us the history about certain buildings/churches in the area.

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Vegan hotspot in Burgos

As we all know I love food and I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. When my friend Ashley told me that there was a killer vegan restaurant here in Burgos I was DYING to go.

From Tuesday to Saturday ((13:30-16:00)) you can get an amazing four course meal with a drink for only 10 euros. Their dishes are 100% vegan and delicious with an international flair.


I usually try to recreate their salads at home. They are so good!

The owner Marisol and her husband open the restaurant for only a short period of time during the year and the other months they spend their time traveling the world in search of new inspiration for their cooking. They have dishes from Mexico, Myanmar, Italy, and India to name a few. In their dining room they have pictures from their travels it’s truly inspiring and so interesting to see.

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A walk through Bilbao

Ahhh Basque Country. It’s historic and proud, lively and tranquil, beautiful and most importantly delicious. Burgos is so close to Basque Country that I can’t believe I didn’t make it here sooner.

Bilbao has long been on my list of cities in Spain to visit. It has changed so much in the past 15 years. It used to be just a dark industrial city with not a whole lot of life (as the locals said) and now it’s vibrant, it’s multicultural, and colorful. Obviously when you come to Bilbao you visit the Guggenheim, but there is also the Calatrava bridge, the Plaza Nueva, The Fine Arts Museum, the Opera house, and so much more.

My friends and I took a day trip up to the museum capital of the Basque Country to explore. Here are a few photos from our journey.


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Algo Bueno

The news today to me feels so dark and full of negative content. The media is very good at taking an incident anywhere around the world and making it into a scary and disastrous thing. Filling our minds with fear and worry. Really..when is the last time you turned on the news and saw something uplifting making you want to do a good deed?

Well I’m determined to subtract from the typical broadcasting companies and instead I am going to write an article every Thursday about algo bueno (something good) happening in Spain for the month of February. I mean it’s the month of L.O.V.E. after all…. These posts will be something good I saw that happened or events around the country with the purpose of uplifting people. Who knows maybe you’ll even be inspired to do algo bueno! 

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