Algo Bueno

The news today to me feels so dark and full of negative content. The media is very good at taking an incident anywhere around the world and making it into a scary and disastrous thing. Filling our minds with fear and worry. Really..when is the last time you turned on the news and saw something uplifting making you want to do a good deed?

Well I’m determined to subtract from the typical broadcasting companies and instead I am going to write an article every Thursday about algo bueno (something good) happening in Spain for the month of February. I mean it’s the month of L.O.V.E. after all…. These posts will be something good I saw that happened or events around the country with the purpose of uplifting people. Who knows maybe you’ll even be inspired to do algo bueno! 

Week one:

Most of the Spanish people that I’ve seen or that I know personally are very family oriented. You are brought up to treat your elders with respect and be of assistance when they need it. So many times have I seen people who are in their 30’s-40’s pushing their (I’m assuming) parents around in wheelchairs or young kids holding the arms of the elderly while they cross the street.

Earlier this week I was at the bus stop and this punk looking kid (you know: baggy pants, sweatshirt, obnoxious headphones, and piercings). I didn’t think much of him and I turned back to my book as I waited for the bus. When the bus came he was the first to get on and he took the front seat while I maneuvered my way to the middle of the bus. About 3 stops later an elderly man came on the bus and as soon as he gave money to the driver the young kid jumped out of his seat to let the old man take his place.

Honestly when I saw that kid for the first time I never thought he’d be that respectful. I know that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions but hey, it happens and I deal with a fair share of kids those age in my school so I know how some of them can be like.

When I saw this act of kindness//respect I smiled immediately and I looked at a middle aged woman next to me who was smiling too.

After seeing this I decided to make it a goal to do a small act of kindness everyday. Whether it be giving up my seat on the bus, holding a door open, smiling at strangers, or even “inviting” someone for a coffee. (Here they call it “inviting you for a coffee/drink” instead of “treating you for a drink”).

Hopefully this inspires you to do a little good deed everyday! Let me know what acts of kindness you’ve seen where you live. I’m sure in my hometown someone’s out shoveling snow for someone.

Hasta luego!


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