Vegan hotspot in Burgos

As we all know I love food and I eat a mostly vegetarian diet. When my friend Ashley told me that there was a killer vegan restaurant here in Burgos I was DYING to go.

From Tuesday to Saturday ((13:30-16:00)) you can get an amazing four course meal with a drink for only 10 euros. Their dishes are 100% vegan and delicious with an international flair.


I usually try to recreate their salads at home. They are so good!

The owner Marisol and her husband open the restaurant for only a short period of time during the year and the other months they spend their time traveling the world in search of new inspiration for their cooking. They have dishes from Mexico, Myanmar, Italy, and India to name a few. In their dining room they have pictures from their travels it’s truly inspiring and so interesting to see.

IMG_20160204_124659_resized (1).jpg
INSANE buckwheat fideos. Word of warning you WILL be full after this one.

Alright so before I said that you get four courses. First you get an entre (which is actually an appetizer) usually a salad. The menu changes all the time so sometimes salads will be available and other times different dishes will be available. Both times that I went I had a salad.

IMG_20160204_125433_resized (1).jpg
Ashley got this one. I actually have no idea what it is but it was scrumptious.

Then you pick your first plate. Again it changes frequently so what I had maybe won’t be available but it’s good to explore your options!

IMG_20160204_125245_resized (1).jpg
Chickpeas in a seaweed broth with greens.
IMG_20160204_124750_resized (1).jpg
Curried veggies with rice. One of my favorite dishes on the planet.

Then after you’ve devoured that and you think you have no room for more food (but you won’t be able to stop eating I promise) you get yet another plant based plate of power. This second plate is usually a little bit more intense and intricate but it’s worth the effort of scarfing down.

IMG_20160204_124920_resized (1).jpg
Mole “fajitas” with citrus salsa and pomegranates.

I actually don’t remember if there was tofu in this one or what the filling was but the mole sauce they’ve created is so good. I think I could eat it with a spoon. This dish was a rolled tortilla accompanied with onions, pomegranate seeds, and veggies. It was incredible!

IMG_20160204_125629_resized (1).jpg
Zucchini cakes with caramelized onions and a pink vegan mayo.
IMG_20160204_125513_resized (1).jpg
I think this is a puff pastry filled with eggplant but I’m not entirely sure. It was really tasty though.

Just when you think you can’t possibly eat any more you get offered a dessert. Sometimes the dessert changes too but the times I’ve been there they’ve had the same options. I always have ordered the crema catalana which is basically a creme brule. They also offer mouses and fruit.

IMG_20160204_125811_resized (1).jpg
Crema Catalana 

If you’re ever in Burgos and you want an incredible meal head on over to Gaia located just around the cathedral. Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian I think you’ll still enjoy it.

Ashley from Como Pederse en España has compiled a list of her favorite veg spots here in Spain and she did a review of Gaia so go check her page out to find out a little bit more about this cool place!

Hasta luego!

c/ Fernan Gonzalez, 37 bajo (near Hotel Meson del Cid)
Burgos, Spain

947279720; 947279728



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