Algo bueno week 2

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!! I hope your day is filled with love for you and whoever you choose to spend your day with. I have a hot date with some hot cola-cao (a Spanish version of Nesquick), cleaning supplies to clean my flat, and Netflix . Sounds super romantic I know. #singlelife


Well recently I took a trip to Galicia Spain. A region in the northwestern part of Spain known for being green, bagpipes, and a RIDICULOUS amount of rain. Now you would think that non-stop rain from winter to early summer would make people ornery, bitter, and a little cold but that was not the case at all!

Traditional music from Galicia 

The people in Galicia are so incredibly nice and willing to help anyone that needs it. My friends and I would be walking with a map and strangers would approach us asking things like “where do you want to go,” saying “I/we can take you there,” and giving us tips on where to eat and visit. One guy even told us the history about certain buildings/churches in the area.

Catedral de Santiago 

Rewind for a minute to when I told Madrileños that I was moving to Burgos. They told me that the people here are very closed and cold but I didn’t buy it. Sure, in Minnesota we are used to saying “hello” to strangers on the street and the famous “finger wave” and they definitely don’t do that here but I don’t think they are rude or stand-offish as some people warned me about. However after spending a weekend in the lovely land of Galicia and being surrounded by all this positive energy I definitely look at Burgos differently now.


Long story short I think it makes a huge difference in someone’s day if you are kind and friendly. Just being in Galicia for four days lifted my spirits and it was so great to smile at strangers and say hello on the streets again. I’m determined to bring that spirit to this city and bring out the “Minnesota nice” in me.

It might even change someone’s day from negative to positive so I encourage you to do the same!

Hasta luego!


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