The charming old center of Oviedo

Do you remember that scene in Vicky Christina Barcelona where they take a weekend trip to Oviedo? It looks so charming in the film and I have wanted to visit this city ever since seeing it for the first time. I only had a few hours in Oviedo because I had to catch a bus to a different city in Asturias but I made sure I toured the old center before I left.

Here are a few photos of my visit to the center of this city!


12698666_10156546947245188_5410334158470400178_o12694954_10156546959085188_4742421863875151278_o12711172_10156546953070188_1350654207196821234_oPlazaCathedralstreet12322773_10156546946650188_2778403461317936971_o12697381_10156546953315188_3273754902914194084_o12694628_10156546952510188_53828802090801574_o12715950_10156546956605188_7109039174744901145_o12672006_10156546958495188_7243784781114673940_o12698439_10156546956955188_5893954810907426921_o12698249_10156546953935188_5675057334912230438_o (1)Sidre

Side note: I’m trying the whole watermark process so bear with me the first couple times! If you have any tips leave me a comment below.


Hasta luego!



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