10 thoughts while in a Spanish bathroom

We all know that there can be some changes in your daily routine while you are traveling to/in a different country. Spain is obviously not a third-world country but let’s be honest….sometimes it can have annoying little problems making you a little frustrated ((not only in Spain I might add. I’ve had similar problems in Portugal, Germany, and even back home)). Now even though all these “problems” are easily fixable and to some they aren’t even problems..and I should stop complaining because there are places that don’t even have toilets…..I thought I’d share 10 thoughts that I have while taking care of business here in Spain. Warning ahead for those who don’t like swearing because I’m dropping a few bombs here.

1. Where’s the light switch?

2. Who actually thought it was a good idea to put the light switch outside the bathroom?

3. Is that water on the seat or ….pee?

4. Do I wipe it off if it’s water or just squat?

5. I should have amazing glutes after living here.

5. Why the fuck is there never toilet paper?

6. Wait..what do the circles mean again?

7. Can I ever get hot water? Just once?

8. Soap would be great too. Like it’s not even expensive. I’ll buy the shit for you.

9. Looks like my jeans are my hand towel….again.

10. If there are no paper towels then how the hell am I going to open the door? There wasn’t soap meaning the last person probably didn’t have soap either and I don’t want what they have.

Haha hopefully you had a good laugh and if you didn’t ….well I can’t help you. Obviously this doesn’t happen all the time. Just 92% of the time. Comment below if you have the same problems where you are traveling!

Tip: ALWAYS make sure you keep a travel packet of tissues and hand sanitizer while traveling to any foreign country.

Hasta luego!


2 thoughts on “10 thoughts while in a Spanish bathroom

  1. I always accuse my husband of pissing on the seat because he leaves it down but that same blotch of “water” shows up every single time so I think he’s right. My classmates and I had a discussion about the soap in the bathroom thing, hell, about the walking straight out of the bathroom without detouring by the sinks in general thing. I guess we Americans are perceived as germaphobes so they think we are a little strange for needing things like hand sanitizer, etc. This is supposed to build up our immune system I suppose. After living in Mexico, we always carry around extra toilet paper though, always. I hold onto the extra napkins when we got out as well.


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