Romantic Spanish villages

My dream is to live in a romantic Spanish pueblo where I can live a simple life, grow my own produce, have red flower pots hanging from the outside of my house, make my own cheese and cured meats oh….and own a horse. Is that too much to ask? Maybe now isn’t the time to mention I’d also like a tall dark and handsome Spanish hunk who can throw a fishing line back and play the guitar…well at least it’s out there. **Strike that, I have just landed a hunk hailing from Missouri who is 123454 times better than anything I’ve seen in Spain. Gracias a dios**

Sure Spain’s got some incredible cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, and Valencia but how about the small towns that go relatively unnoticed? They have ((most of the time)) more charm, friendlier people, and pretty awesome traditions. Traditions like homemade products like cheese, bread, soap etc..siesta, and family bonds are things that attracted me to Spain in the first place. I want to make my way around these next few villages in my lifetime here to show everyone back home that there is much more to Spain besides uber famous football teams, Ibiza and other tourist beaches, and the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

Here are a few villages that I have my eyes on. I tried to get at least one picturesque village from every inland province. Maybe it’ll inspire you to go find the not-so-well-known areas of where you live.

Frigilina, Andalucia ((Photo from Bored Fast Food))

Orbenja del Castillo, Castilla y Leon ((Photo by: Miriela Rodriguez))
Ronda, Andalucía ((Photo by
Rubielos de Mora, Aragon ((Photo by Lagarto Rojo))
Santilla del Mar, Cantabria ((Photo by:anotherbagmoretravel))
Siguenza, Castilla La Mancha ((Photo by: Yours truly ))


Baiona, Galicia ((Photo by: triptease))
Elizondo, Navarra ((Photo by:Clickor))
Cadaques, Catalonia ((Photo by Mikes’s travel guide))
Altea, Valencia ((Photo by: Phillip Capper))
Plentzia, Basque Country ((Photo by:  Carmelo and Eva from dondevamoseva ))
La puebla de Guadalupe, Extremadura ((Photo by: Source))
Cudillero, Asturias ((Photo by: Cadena Ser))
Briñas, La Rioja ((Photo by: lillarra2006))

I’m missing Murcia so if you’ve been there (shoutout to my girl Sienna Brown from las morenas de España. If you find yourself in any of these regions try to make it to one of these pueblos or venture out and find your own little hidden gem!

Hasta luego!






7 thoughts on “Romantic Spanish villages

  1. I adore Spain and have been many times – as it happens I know Murcia really well, will send you a link to a feature I wrote on it. My favourite town there is Cabo de Palos. I have been to Cadaques which is even more stunning than it looks in your picture – and feel a desire to visit all of these towns now! That would be a great goal to achieve!


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