Masala Naturals-A cooking class

I’ve already expressed my love for food and cooking right?….and that I love vegetarian cooking, organic food shopping, and the uber delicious vegan restaurant “Gaia”located here in Burgos?? Good just making sure. So when I heard that Masala, an organic//natural food shop, was hosting the chefs at Gaia for a cooking class I HAD to go.



You can check out my post about what Masala is all about here but for now let’s talk about the classes they offer. A couple times a month the lovely people at Masala put on courses and classes to educate people on how to live a more holistic and healthy life. There are vegetarian cooking classes, classes about how to balance your internal organs in a more healthy way, talks about education, how to make organic reusable products, and even henna tattooing to name a few.



These classes range from free to 30 euros but when you do pay for a cooking class you get to eat the food after so it’s worth forking over. Some of the classes are in the morning and some in the evening.

Ashley from comoperderseenespaña and I

So let’s talk about the Gaia vegan cooking workshop. Marisol who is the part owner and brains behind this operation with her two sous chefs Miguel and Sandra led the two and a half hour class where they showed us five different recipes which were all vegan and so mouthwatering. It was kind of hard to follow sometimes because we kept going back and forth between different recipes but in the end I think I got it all. My notes are in Spanglish it’s so funny.

The genius behind Gaia -Marisol
Miguel filling some rice paper ravioli


So like I said we watched Marisol and co. make five different dishes all with an Asian flair. We had polenta gnocchi in a tomato pepper sauce,  a Japanese style salad, a Thai style salad, ravioli with a tapioca pearl sauce, and a Thai soup which is my new favorite thing in the world hands down.

Japanese style salad with zucchini, seaweed, crushed peanuts, and sesame seeds
The best soup on the planet made with coconut milk, vegetables, lemongrass, and ginger

Everything we tried was so incredible I was scraping my plate after every course honestly if I wasn’t in the presence all those strangers I’d probably lick my plate. Should have done it because everything was so good #noshame.

Vegetable and soy protein filled ravioli made with rice paper with a pearled tapioca miso sauce

You can visit Gaia here in Burgos (which I also wrote a post about here) and try similar dishes to these. They do switch up the menu quite frequently so I can’t really tell you what you’ll find there but everything I’ve ever tried at that restaurant I have loved.

Polenta gnocchi in a tomato and red pepper sauce with vegan pesto on top

So if you’re ever in Burgos make sure you stop for lunch at Gaia and if you live here swing on over to Masala to attend a class//workshop and pick up your heath foods there too!!

Eager learners

Hasta luego!


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