How to vote for the Democratic Primary in Spain

Ahhh voting season. I’ve got to admit that I am so happy to be in Spain so I don’t have to see those horrendous presidential campaign advertisements. I kind of want to see a Donald Trump one so I can get a good laugh. Well the Democratic Primary is coming up and we’ve got to vote before March 8th! Whether you are “feeling the Bern,” or you think “Hilary for America,” or maybe you want to “Rebuild the American Dream,” you have your chance to make your voice heard and send out a ballot to support your favorite nominee.



I chose to send my primary election using the system provided by Democratics Abroad. Their program is so easy to follow and they have all the candidates’ information right on the webpage so you can do a little research if you’re not sure about where they stand on certain issues as well as links to their own websites. Also, Democratics Abroad have information on the priorites of Democratics Abroad like where they stand on taxation, diversity, and voting. Personally I think they could have added more information but that’s not the main point of this’s the voting.

So basically to get your vote counted you have two options. You can mail, fax or email your filled out ballot (provided to you on the website) or you can go into offices in Barcelona or Madrid to vote. I’m only going to be in Madrid during the weekend so I won’t be able to do that option because the offices will be closed. I’ll be sending my ballot as an attachment in an email. It doesn’t really seem that legit but I think for Presidential vote in November it has to be mailed.

Here’s a detailed instruction on how to get your ballot for the Democratic Primary election.

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Hit the Vote tab in the right side of the menu


Step 3. If you are mailing, faxing, sending your ballot by email download the PDF ballot and fill it out with a blue or black ink pen.



Step 4. Send your ballot

By mail: Mail your filled out ballot to the office in Spain

Sue Burke Calle Agustín Querol, 6 bis – 6 D 28014 Madrid Spain

By fax: Fax your filled out ballot to


By email: Email your filled out ballot to 

Step 5. If you chose the visit to the offices in Madrid or Barcelona during the week of March 1st- 8th. Here is the list of offices and dates and times in Spain. Here is the link to the PDF as well.


Barcelona Chapter

ESERP Business School March 1, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Carrer de Girona, 24 08010 Barcelona

Dos Trece Restaurant March 5, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Carrer Carme, 40 08001 Barcelona

Madrid Chapter

Tempo Club March 1, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm Calle Duque Osuna, 8 Madrid 28015

Casa de Soria (Restaurante Variopintos) March 5, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Carrera de San Jerónimo, 5. 1º March 6, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm 28014 Madrid (Nearest Metro stop is Puerta del Sol)

And you should be set! Also, with D.A. you are able to volunteer in one of these categories

  • IT Committee
    • Global Database Management. 3 people needed. To be honest this can be tedious and time consuming work. But it’s critical. Your duties include imports, exports, and fixing member data.
    • Web Content. 2 people needed. You are able to help country committees with adding photos, formatting and otherwise making their posts on the website look pretty. Working on Global pages would be secondary.
    • Trainers. 2 people. You’ll get everyone who needs to be up to speed on sending emails, adding content to the website, member management and create training material.
    • Help Desk Staff.  Up to 5 people need with 1 from Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe Middle East and Africa regions. Warning: Only people with thick skin need apply. You’ll be answering emails and researching reported problems.
    • Developers. 2 people. You’re really good with HTML and Java.
  • FBAR (Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts)/FACTA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) Task Force – Asia Pacific and Americas
  • Taxation and Regulation of Investment and Retirement Savings Task Force – all regions
  • Residence-Based Taxation Task Force – all regions
  • LGBT Caucus – all regions
  • Women’s Caucus – all regions
  • Youth Caucus/ Young DA  – all regions
  • Leadership List serve Moderator – all regions
  • 2016 Global Presidential Primary organizing team – from all regions
  • 2016 Global Convention organizing team – from all regions

(taken from the volunteer page on D.A.)

And you can also become a delegate

“Following the 2016 Global Presidential Primary, Democrats Abroad will hold a combination of regional and global Caucus meetings to choose delegates to send to the Democratic National Convention. These meetings will be held in Berlin on May 13 and 14, 2016. You may attend in person or by video conference call. Our Global Convention and Platform session will be held in Berlin on May 14 and 15, 2016.

Democrats Abroad will send a total of 21 delegates to the Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia, July 2016. Eight of these delegates are our Members on the Democratic National Committee, Democrats Abroad’s superdelegates.

In addition to 13 elected pledged delegates, Democrats Abroad will also send to Philadelphia: one or more alternates, one member for each of the three Convention standing committees (Credentials, Platform, and Rules), six Democratic National Committee Members-elect and a page.”

Hopefully this guide is helpful and happy voting!

Hasta luego!


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