Burgos, Spain as told by a bunch of fourteen year olds

Recently I had to present a little PowerPoint presentation about my home state of Minnesota to my classes here. It was so amazing to see them so genuinely interested in what I had to say about the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” and they asked me many questions during my talk. They even told me that Minnesota was the most beautiful state they’ve ever seen…even though I’m almost positive that they haven’t had the resources or opportunities to get to know any others but I’m just going with it.

Either way I way I feel proud that now they understand a little more about Minnesota than Ricky Rubio. Being inspired from their experience I decided to have them do the same thing about where they are from. Nothing serious I just wanted a brief 4-6 sentence paragraph about the typical foods, culture, and landscape about their town. I have students from all over the province and even other regions so I thought it would be very cool to hear what they have to say.


I’m going to miss this pequeño delincuente 

Let me tell you though, trying to get 13-14 year olds to write anything after 2:00 pm on a sunny afternoon is tough. I brought them outside to sort of inspire them ((maybe to get a nice shoulder tan too)) and help them gather their thoughts and put them on paper. I got some really nice thought-out responses and then not so elaborate ones. I definitely had a few laughs when I read them so I thought I’d share some of my favorites and maybe it’ll prepare the next auxiliares that are heading over to Burgos.

Happy and friendly people are good
Future tour guide of Burgos
“With and without my friends”
Sampedros is a festival here in Burgos and I am NOT looking forward to bumping into my students while chugging vino 
Well it started out nice
I stopped after “I’ve bornt”
Future mayor of Burgos
Can someone please tell me where these lakes are??
Black pudding is key
Once the capital? You don’t say

So I’ve pretty much gathered that they like the black pudding (morcilla), the castle and monuments, and parties. All of these are amazing and true characteristics of the city but I don’t think they know what incredible city they have. A lot of them say it’s too cold or boring which yes, can happen sometimes, but my main take away here is that life is what you make of it. Surround yourself with fun friends and have positive outlook and anywhere that you are located can be the best!

If you get placed in the province of Burgos I hope you have the most incredible time and if you are ever so lucky enough to get my school (Felix Rodriquez de La Fuente, Gamonal) give the future 4 ESO kids a hard time for me.

Thanks kid……

Hasta luego!


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