How to renew your TIE in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Well sadly it is time to head back into the Oficina de Extranjeros and stress about your paperwork and not knowing exactly what the outcome will be. I was lucky enough to spend TWO HOURS in the extranjera office in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia this past week. Don’t worry, this is not normal and I’ll tell you exactly how not to spend that much time there. Every office and situation is different depending on your region so this information can and possibly will vary if you’re in the Sevilla or Madrid office so I’d do further research if you are going to any other place besides Santiago.

Disregard that nasty hair….


What you will need:

  • Current TIE plus two photocopies (front and back)
  • Passport and two photocopies of each page
  • Form EX-00 plus two photocopies
  • Carta de Nombramiento plus two photocopies
  • 3 photo carnets (you won’t need these right away when you hand in your paperwork but I’d have them just in case)
  • Form 790 código 012 plus two photocopies
  • Your current Generali Salud card plus two photocopies

For the passport copies I did mine in black and white and the clerks at the office were totally okay with that. They only needed my passport pages that had stamps and visas on them but I’d print them all just in case.


The bank form, which is the 790 código 012,  is just proof that you’ve paid the tasa or fee. The website states that the fee as of March 2016 it is 15,45 euros. “TIE que documenta la primera concesión de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos: 15,45 €UPDTATE!!! THIS FEE IS 16,81. FRAN FROM MY SCHOOL EMAILED ME TO TELL ME I HAD TEN DAYS TO SEND THE LESS THAN ONE EURO DIFFERENCE. This seems super silly but “Espain” When filling out the bank form you’ll need your Número de Identificación de Extranjero as well as your name and current address to complete the first part. In the second section you’ll have to check the second box which says “PRORROGA AUTORIZACIÓN ESTANCIA POR ESTUDIOS” (granted you’re just renewing for the aux program). On the bottom part of the page you’ll see two boxes. On the left is where you’ll jot down the date and sign your beautiful “John Hancock.” On the right is where you’ll put the amount of money you’ll have to pay in the longer box. “En efectivo” means cash which is what I checked. You can also go to your own bank and get the fee taken out of your account directly. If that is the route you want to go then check the second box. The bottom part of that section is for the bank so leave that blank. The bank will keep a copy so make sure you have three with you! (I made that mistake).

Check the second box and fill in the amount in the bottom right

As for the government form (EX-00) it’s pretty easy to fill out. In box 1 you’ll fill in your NIE, passport number, name, place of birth, country, and names of your parents. For the box that has the little 3 above; it is just asking your marital status. S=single C=married V=widowed D=divorced and Sp=separated. Next up is your address in Spain. Even if you are moving out soon (like in my case) put your current address. They will need your street name, piso #, province, city, and postal code. The following boxes are for your phone number and email! The last lines probably won’t relate to you since they are just asking for a legal representative. I left the second box completely empty since I am not applying with anyone else. The third section is for your future address. Since I don’t have a flat yet in Santiago (if anyone has tips let me know!) I just put my school’s name, address, phone number and email address. It also asks for an NIF/NIE number but I left that blank. You could probably put your own number in but I did not and I had no problems. The fourth and final section is asking basically what you are applying for. Since this is not our first time getting a TIE we go to the second section which is labeled PRORROGA (extension). Again, if you are just renewing your TIE and have no other intentions you’ll select the third box which is Titular de autorizacion estancia por estudios, intercambio de alumnos, investigacion/formacion, practicas no laborales o voluntario (art 40).” Then you just sign the bottom right corner where it says “FIRMA DEL SOLICITANTE” and you are all set!

Form EX-00, your letter from your school, and the form for the bank fees are the documents you’ll need

Now, I had absolutely no idea that we needed our current medical card so thank goodness I always carry it with me. I was informed that I needed my card and two copies front and back to continue with the renewal process so I had to leave the office to find a photocopy shop and come back to finish.


Key note about the carta de nombramiento make sure that there is a scan-able code on the bottom! If you do not see it in the email version you may have received make sure you email your coordinator to get a new one sent with that code. I had a problem with my carta from Castilla y Leon last year and had to request a new one but on the carta I received from Galicia this year it was added on the bottom (mine is on the bottom left of my letter from my school two pictures above).

So once you get to the police station in Santiago which is evidently NOT in the square right in front of the cathedral as the website says but it is on Av. de Rodrigo del Padrón, 3, 15705 Santiago de Compostela, C. Knowing this will save you from running four flights of stairs for nothing. Anyway, once you’re inside you’ll tell the clerk what you need/where you need to go. I just said “necesito la oficina de extranjeros.” He/she will hand you a ticket with a number and here is the most important part….go to the waiting area for the foreigners office. This sounds painfully obvious but silly me not knowing that there was a special waiting area I ended up waiting in the wrong area for…45 minutes. I know I know, how could I possibly have let myself wait that long without realizing I was in the wrong area but I have no excuse. Save yourself the time and frustration and go behind the glass half circle area and wait where you are supposed to.

The easiest way to get there is  if you are in front of the cathedral go left like you are going to Rua do Franco but you’re going to take a right between the post office and the university library.

Wait until your number is called and walk in head held high and hand over your paperwork. The nice people in the office will do the rest! Hopefully you get Elias. He was SUPER nice and so helpful but generally I’ve heard that everyone there are really nice…the people in the Burgos office should take notes.

After Elias sorted all my copies into three piles (one for me, one for the office in Santiago, and one for the office of A Coruña) he handed me back my passport, TIE, photos (turns out you don’t need them until your second trip), and my copies he told me that when I come back in September I’ll hand over my photos and do my finger prints to complete the process. I’m not sure the timeline on when you have to go back since no one told me so unfortunately I can not help with that. If anyone has that information that would be greatly appreciated. Just leave a comment down below. I would ask when you’re there but I’m assuming it’d be a month.

Important things to remember:

  • You can not begin this process until you get your carta de nombramiento from your school. As soon as I got my placement in Galicia I emailed the coordinators there and asked them if I could get my carta ASAP since my TIE is expiring in May and I need to renew it. I got my carta a week later!
  • If you are switching regions or provinces email your current and future coordinators to see where the best place for you to do your paperwork is. For example, I am currently in Burgos, Castilla Leon but since I am going to be working/living in Santiago I had to go to Santiago. This could even affect you if you are living/working in Valladolid for example but then change to Salamanca. Ask the right people because it is better to be on the safe side here.
  • If you go home for more than 90 days you may have to get a whole new visa so email your coordinator because it could be different for specific cases.
  • Make sure your passport will be valid during the time of your stay


And and that’s a wrap! That is basically how my appointment went down in Santiago. If you follow all of these tips and have the correct copies and forms you’ll be in and out in no time. If you do happen to find yourself with out some necessary copies you can follow this next address to a copy shop where the cutest old lady will help you scan your forms.


More or less this is how you get to the closest fotocopia. I’m not sure the exact number but you’ll find it on the Rua do Vilar near the cathedral.

Buena suerte en Santiago.

Hasta luego!


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