Moving from Burgos to Santiago de Compostela

Well hello there! I know that it has been MONTHS since I´ve posted anything but fear not. I am still alive and still in Spain. Greece was amazing!! I hope you´re following me on Instagram because I posted many times during my two month stay in Lagonissi/Athens and it was such an incredible experience. I´ll make sure to create a post about my time there because I am seriously debating on writing a story about it. (If you´re one of my close friends you already know about this craziness that I went through).

Anyway as you´re maybe wondering I am now back in Spain, well I have been back since the end of September, but I am in a brand new region and city. You probably remember that I was in Burgos, Castilla y Leon last year. The land of El Cid, morcilla, and “freezing” temperatures. Well now I am living in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. Which happens to be the land of devoted pilgrims, pulpo, and never ending rain.

Santiago: “donde la lluvia es arte”

I am LOVING Galicia. Seriously why don´t more people know about this incredible region of Spain. I mean I guess I am happy that it´s not so exploited but come on. Galicia has so much to offer. First of all it´s B-E-A-utiful. It´s the greenest place I´ve ever seen. Everything is covered in moss, there are plants growing from the stone buildings, and these said stone buildings are everywhere and with the greenery they make wonderful contrasting colors.

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