Malaga: The city of poets on the Costa del Sol

Imagine yourself sitting on a beach chair overlooking the Mediterranean, sipping on some sangria while listening to the latest Enrique Iglesias song. That’s how I felt in Malaga, a small coast town in the region of Andalucia. It’s the city of Picasso, famous poets, grilled sardines on the beach, and 320 days of pure sunshine. Why wouldn’t you travel here? It’s less touristy than Valencia and its glitzy neighbor Marbella and from Malaga you can take a day trip across a little stretch of the Mediteranean to Africa. It’s population surprisingly is the second largest in Andalucia and one of the world’s oldest cities coming in at about 2,800 years. Founded by Phoenicians and inhabited by the Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims, and Christians there is much history in the architecture of this city. This year it is being nominated as a candidate for the 2016 European City of Culture.


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The climate of Malaga is..well you guessed it, sub-tropical Mediterranean. With mild winters and hot summers this makes it the perfect city for vacationing, that is if you can stand the Andalucian heat, and it’s one of the few cities in Europe that is a “green city” Winters are mostly for rain but for a girl coming from the blistering chill of Minnesota I’ll take the rain. Average humidity is about 65% which again, is nothing compared to the 90% we get in the summers of Minnesota. The days of sunshine add up to a little over 300 which in Minnesota…never mind we are going to stop talking about the weather. It’s amazing, trust me.



There are many key sites here in Malaga. Some of the most popular are the walls of the old Phonetician city which you can find in the cellar of the Picasso Museum, the Picasso Museum itself, the Roman theater, the old Moorish Alcazaba, the church of Santiago which includes architectural styles of Christian and Moorish origin, the Malagueta bull ring, many other churches and mosques, and Pedregalejo which is the old fishing district. Malaga is definitely not a one day and done travel destination. It’s going to take some time to see everything .


Malaga is the capital of the province of Malaga and there are many more places to visit within this province like Ronda or ¨La Caminito del Rey


Do you like sports? Residents of Malaga do! I’m sure you know that most Spaniards are futbol obsessed and everyone of them have a special team that they will take with them to the grave. Malaga has a relatively decent futbol team. They aren’t like Barcelona or Real Madrid but they aren’t bad either. In fact one of my favorite goalies of all time Ochoa from Mexico was the goaltender of Malaga. If you don’t like futbol there is also basketball, water polo, golf, and many other activities to watch or get involved in. Golf is actually more popular in the neighboring city of Marbella which holds some of the world’s most prestigious tournaments.



Malaga has it all. Sports, amazing food, rich culture, and interesting history that it should be close to the top of your list when you visit Spain. I’m sure Sevilla and Granada are on your list so just make sure hit Malaga while you’re down in Andalucia. Grab a cold glass of sangria, eat some grilled fish at a beach stand and soak in that sunshine. You deserve it!




*This is was an article that I wrote for a travel website hope you enjoyed it!

Hasta luego!


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