10 Best Things I Ate in 2016

Well hello there amigos! I have been seriously MIA for the last month enjoying the holidays with my adoptive Spanish family in Borio and then got hit with some personal issues that ended up with me moving back home to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. So the last month has been a little hectic.

Nevertheless, I am still determined to write about awesome travels that I have had in the past and great experiences that I will have while I am here in the USA. Since we are well into 2017 already I thought that I should FINALLY post my 10 best things I ate in 2016. I went to a lot of exciting places in 2016 and I am so happy to share the best bites I had while making my way around a few countries in Europe. Enjoy!!

1. Authentic currywurst in Berlin, Germany


I mean come on, if you´re in Germany you are bound to try this local specialty and you´ll be able to find it everywhere. It´s a pork sausage that has been deep fried after spending a few minutes in a steamer and then topped with a curry ketchup. It´s usually served with fries and it is the perfect munchie for when you´ve had too many biers. 

Good place to pick one up: Curry 61 near the Anne Frank Museum

2. Morcilla de Burgos


I have written about Morcilla de Burgos already in the past so I´ll spare you the technical details but if you are reading this and you live in Burgos feel free to send me one……or twelve of this delicious treat.

Good place to chow down on this special sausage: Cerveceria Morito, Burgos, Spain


3. Tortilla de cecina y queso de cabra


The Spanish tortilla was one of my top three favorite foods to eat while I lived in Spain. The region of Castilla Leon always had the most intricate flavors and they were insanely delicious. My favorite kind is the tortilla with goat cheese and a dry cured beef.

Good place to take a pincho: Ni Contigo, Gamonal, Burgos, Spain

4. Matrimonios sandwhich


I wrote about this scrumptious little sandwich after I did a pincho crawl in Logroño, Spain but to give you a little run down it´s s a warm little sammie with anchovies, sardines, a green pepper and olive oil. If you´re not afraid of fish you could definitely make this at home!

Best place to try it: Blanco y Negro, Logroño, Spain

5. Paella Valencia

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After touring the Castle of Santa Barbara in Alicante, Spain you´ll need a hearty dish to recover from the walk. Paella is the perfect meal to eat while in the region of Valencia since this is where it is most famous. The type of paella that I had wasn´t technically the Valencian kind since it was all seafood but it still counts! You can buy the special pan and the fixings at tienda.com and recreate this dish at home.

Best place to get it: I honestly can´t remember the name of the place we got it but it was by the port in Alicante…but you can find it EVERYWHERE in the region.

6. Everything at Feyrouz, Athens, Greece


Visiting Athens, Greece was pretty amazing for a lot of reasons but the most memorable place I went to eat was a tiny restaurant called Feyrouz. The website is in Greek but hopefully you´ll be able to use your computer to translate it. Anyway, it´s a Middle Eastern restaurant and the guys who work there are so friendly.  My first time there I had absolutely no idea what to get but they are so helpful and will help you order something you´ll love. I lived in Greece for two months and I think I ate here at least once a week.

location: 23 Karori & Aeolus Athens <near the center>

7. Greek coffee


Hot Greek coffee is very similar to Turkish coffee because of the depth of flavor and the texture of the drink. It´s very gritty and thick which makes it intense but don´t knock it until you try it. You can get it sweet or medium which just means how much sugar the barista will put in it. At a cafe called Mokka on one of the main streets of Athens you can choose between different blends and you can get your cup from a machine or the more traditional way which just means that the coffee is served in a steel cup heated over hot sand. You can see it being done too which is really interesting!

Location: Athinas 44, Athina 105 51, Greece

8. Pulpo a la feira, Galicia, Spain


This is probably THE dish that the region of Galicia is known for. You can find it everywhere from small pubs to upscale restaurants. The typical preparation is boiling octopus until tender, then cutting the tentacles with scissors, dousing the pieces in olive oil, and finally sprinkling sea salt and hot paprika on top. To be honest it took me a few times tying it to like it but by the end of my stay in Spain I loved it. I definitely won´t be able to get it here in Minnesota but it´ll be one of the first things I eat when I go back to Spain.

Best place to get it: This one is hard to say because most places serve this and it´s relatively the same so you won´t have a tough time finding a good plate but I like Pulperia Os Concheiros in Santiago de Compostela.

9. Seafood in Galicia

Delicious scallops from Estrella de Mar, Escarabote, Spain

Aside from the amazing octopus that Galicia serves up they do KILLER seafood. It´s nothing fancy and most of the time the seafood is just cooked with olive oil and sea salt. The chefs in Galicia really appreciate the natural flavors that the sea gives to the shellfish and always make sure that what they serve up is fresh. I don´t think I had eaten more seafood in my life than when I was living there and I can´t wait to go back to get some more.

Best place to get a plate: Literally anywhere in the region of Galicia but especially on the coast for obvious reasons. When I was living in Boiro I really liked a restaurant called Estrella de Mar. It was right on the beach with incredible views and they always loved when I tried to speak Gallego. 

10. Empanada Gallega


Last on my list of amazing food I had in 2016 is the well known empanada Gallega. This food is very versatile and you can get your empanada filled with many different meats, cheeses, or vegetables. You can buy a whole empanada but they are mostly sold by the slice for around a euro which is great! My mouth is watering just thinking of sinking my teeth into an empanada de chorizo. 

Best place to get a slice: Literally any bakery in Galicia


And that´s it for my list of the 10 best things I ate in 2016. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you´ve tried any of these tasty treats in the comments down below!

Have a great day!




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