2018 Travel Bucket List

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! This year literally flew by and now that I recognize that I said that, I’m pretty sure we all say that every year. Another thing I do every year is create a travel bucket list! I usually keep them tucked away in a little notebook, only to forget I had written them down and then losing my dream to visit these destinations.

This year is going to be different. I have decided to share my 2018 travel bucket list to all my viewers so that it holds me accountable in a sense. I REALLLLY want to hear from those of you who have been to these places to get some insight, what to eat, what to do, etc.. so leave those links to your blogs down below. So, let’s get started.

1. Puerto Rico

Yes, I’ve been here before, but I haven’t seen or done everything I wanted to so looks like I have to go back! I mean, how can I have missed Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla, hiking to the top of El Yunque, or the Puente de Piedra in Cabo Rojo. Plus, I really want to help with hurricane recovery efforts in any way that I can.


Greenery and bright blue water are all I want in life. Source: Flickr


2. Cuba

This has been my dream destination ever since I was like eight, probably. Who doesn’t daydream about walking down the cobblestone streets while hearing salsa bands banging their drums which make you move in ways you didn’t know you could move. I’m not too crazy about smoking but you can bet that I’ll find my way to Vinales to learn how to roll and smoke the classic treasure that is the Cuban cigar.


Does anyone else want to learn how to roll a classic Cuban cigar? Source: Flickr


3. St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

Here I would love to help hurricane recovery efforts. Right now, only about a fourth of the residents there have power and many homes are without roofs. Thomas and I are pretty handy and he’s done some work with Habitat for Humanity so he’s a little experienced in helping build houses. It would mean the world to me to help rebuild a family’s home and restore their livelihood.

st croix
Did you know that St. Croix was inhabited by the Spanish, French, English, AND the Dutch? Source: Expedia

4. The Dominican Republic

I honestly do not know much about the DR but I do know that it’s BEAUTIFUL. Lush green hills take over the landscape and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean tempt you to stay on the beach all day which, as long as there is a shady area with WiFi so I can write and yummy tropical drinks (passionfruit mojitos maybe?), I am totally fine with this. We were thinking of traveling from Puerto Rico to the DR and then flying to Cuba. Is it cheaper/ better that way? If you know any tips please let me know.

Source: Flickr

5. Jamaica

I kind of just want to go to Jamaica to hear the sweet accent and eat seafood. Is that weird?

jamiacan lobster.jpg
Like, seriously (As long as if was fished sustainably) Source: Ciao Jamaica


Annnnd honestly, that’s all I really care about seeing in 2018. I only REALLY want to go to Puerto Rico and Cuba but I figured a bucket list with only two places would be lame so I figured I’d throw in a couple more for good measure. If you have any awesome tips about any of these places please let me know in the comments below!


Hasta luego!


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