The Best Puerto Rican Instagramers

Every time my boyfriend and I travel to a new place I always spend hours on social media looking up photos of the place that we’re going to and he freaks out! Am I wrong to want to scope out sweet locations to create a list of awesome places for us to go to? If you’re like me, you probably want to know who to look out for on Instagram. Well, after being here for a few months, I’ve connected with a few incredible souls on the island whose IG accounts are flawless and give me so much wanderlust and trip ideas. These travelers, adventurers, and crazy cool people post Puerto Rico travel specific photos and even if they don’t share the exact location, they are sure to make you book your ticket or go for that road trip.

Here are, in my opinion, the best Puerto Rican Instagramers.

For a more local Instagram feed, check out King Cano’s Instagram. He rarely tells us where he is but his photos are swoon worthy


Literally the most epic drone photos on the island!


Alexis actually tags the location in most of his photos so it’ll be easy to add his favorite spots to your bucket list.


One of the first accounts showcasing the island, Sousa Puerto Rico is easily one of the best Puerto Rican Instagrammers. He’s always featured in the top tourism pages for the island.


Follow the queen of having the brightest, most crisp, and beautiful blue waters of the island.


A little mix of adventure with photos of great landscapes with pops of color.


To see even more drone footage of Puerto Rico’s shimmery coastal waters and areal views of the rugged Sierras of the island check out Kumar Films.


And these are my favorite! I’m DYING to find women creators living on the island so we can collaborate and showcase each others’ talent. So if you know any Puerto Rican babes who are killing it on social media let me know. Hope you check out some of my top picks for the best Puerto Rican Instagramers.

Hasta luego!


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