Just go


I have so many friends that want to have the wanderlust mentality that I do but don’t know where to start so I want to help. Not only them but to help whoever else is out there dreaming of learning a new Latin dance in South America, bathing elephants in Nepal, or riding a bike next to waterways in Amsterdam while sitting on their couch debating on what type of take out to order. I first got this travel bug when I was 13 years old and it has taken me ten years to act on it. Why so long? I was comfortable. Comfortable with my job since I was number one in sales, comfortable in any relationship I was in because “it was the right thing to do”, and overall just comfortable with my routine. I did make some amazing memories in college with my girlfriends but for the most part I forgot what I actually wanted to do with my life. Now when people tell me their travel goals immediately without hesitation I always say “Go for it!!” Continue reading “Just go”