Farmers market in Burgos

Most people in the United States buy their produce from conventional supermarkets not knowing who grew their fruits and veggies or what part of the US they came from. Me, I love farmers markets and they are very popular where I come from. The “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” (Minnesota don’t cha know) boasts markets in almost every town and I bought most of my produce every Saturday at them. Places like these let you get to know your local farmers, you create a special bond, and it is better to help the people of your community so you should shop at your local farmers market too!




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Coolest bar in Burgos

If you like flamenco dancing and the Spanish guitar then El Patillas is where you need to be in Burgos. Named after the sideburns of the original owner, this bar certainly has an interesting atmosphere. The walls are so full of pictures of artists and memorabilia you can hardly spot a free space. It’s definitley not your place for a fancy cocktail or phenomenal pintxos but if you are looking for a place to have a cana or glass of vino grab a seat and soak up the music.

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Just go


I have so many friends that want to have the wanderlust mentality that I do but don’t know where to start so I want to help. Not only them but to help whoever else is out there dreaming of learning a new Latin dance in South America, bathing elephants in Nepal, or riding a bike next to waterways in Amsterdam while sitting on their couch debating on what type of take out to order. I first got this travel bug when I was 13 years old and it has taken me ten years to act on it. Why so long? I was comfortable. Comfortable with my job since I was number one in sales, comfortable in any relationship I was in because “it was the right thing to do”, and overall just comfortable with my routine. I did make some amazing memories in college with my girlfriends but for the most part I forgot what I actually wanted to do with my life. Now when people tell me their travel goals immediately without hesitation I always say “Go for it!!” Continue reading “Just go”